Police have arrested the accused who shot at and injured journalist and former PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam last year, reports Umar Cheema for The News.

Absar Alam’s attackers not only confessed to making a life attempt on him but also admitted that they were tasked to hit another journalist, Asad Ali Toor. However, the attackers changed their plans after the hype created after the attack on Absar.

Taking to Twitter, Absar said that he is thankful that for the first time assailants who attacked journalists were arrested. However, he went on to question the details that have come to the surface after the arrest. “Who was giving information and instructions from Pakistan about me and Asad to this person from Germany?”


“Who is the real mastermind behind the murderous attacks on journalists by criminals in Germany and France?”

“The big test of the police, intelligence agencies, and the government has now begun,” tweeted Absar.

In April 2021, Absar was shot in Islamabad. He was walking in the F-11 park near his home when he got shot.

In May 2021, journalist Asad Ali Toor was attacked by three unidentified men, who broke into his apartment and tortured him.