Acted in almost 100 dramas, received only one award: Aagha Ali reveals how he feels about the industry Actor Aagha Ali recently appeared as a guest on a podcast where he talked about that a specific section of the showbiz industry who ‘don’t accept him”. “[This section of the industry] has not only dismissed my performances but also failed to review many dramas,” Ali revealed.

He also shared his thoughts on why he chooses not to attend award shows saying that, despite his nearly 20-year career, he has only received one award.“Last year, my dramas had record-breaking TRPs, yet I did not get nominated . I don’t attend award shows just to clap. I want to go, but I’m upset with this part of the industry that doesn’t accept me, although I accept them.””I am not part of any lobby,” he said, explaining the possible reason behind his exclusion.

“Some people in our nation believe they are superior to everyone else and that no one can challenge them,” he said but refrained from taking names.