Actor Adeel Afzal aka Nasaaz from Parizaad has grabbed attention after his exceptional acting in the drama. While talking about Ahmad Ali Akbar, he shared how he helped him during the shoot to portray his character.

The multi-talented and versatile Adeel recently appeared in an interview with ‘Fuchsia Magazine’. Adeel while sharing his journey from the drama serial Parizaad, mentioned that, “During Covid times, I got a call from Zahid, who works for HUM TV. Zahid said that we are working on a script and we have a character for you, will you be able to play this character? I agreed because I had nothing to do at that time. After six months he called me and asked me to come on the set for the shooting of Parizaad, without giving any audition.”


“I enjoyed portraying the role of Nasaaz, because it was quite similar to my own personality and some of the people around me. I was overwhelmed by the response audience gave. The first day at the set was quite tough, in fact I was a bit nervous because of the new people around me,” added Adeel Afzal.


Adeel further said that “Ahmed Ali Akbar has played an important role in highlighting my character. He has always been there for me during my scenes. Before shooting Ahmed came to me and helped me out with my script. His acting and support helped me to portray Nasaaz’s character the way I did.”