Legendary actor Sohail Ahmed’s criticism of Aftab Iqbal has been in the news since the past week. The spat started when Sohail Ahmed took Aftab Iqbal to task during Ahmed Ali Butt’s Eid Special Podcast. In the podcast, Butt asked Sohail Ahmed about Aftab Iqbal’s opinion on him and Aman Ullah. This led to a conflict between their fans, with Aftab’s fans criticizing Sohail Ahmed and vice versa.
While this social media trolling was still going on, Aftab Iqbal published another video in which he requested his fans and followers to immediately stop trolling Sohail Ahmed.

He said, “The issues between Sohail Ahmed and me are personal matters, like brothers might have disagreements. However, trolling anyone over this is not acceptable, especially someone like Sohail Ahmed. Do you not recognize his talent? Criticizing Sohail Ahmed is akin to criticizing Qavi Khan! These veterans have contributed greatly to Pakistan through their skills for many years. They should be appreciated and respected.”

He further said, “People have used derogatory language and gone below the belt in expressing their opinions, which is unacceptable. I am hurt by Sohail Ahmed’s trolling, and it should stop immediately. I also call out the YouTubers who crossed the line. Iwas somehow instrumental in initiating this debate after posting my response.”