The National Press Club (NPC) elections were held on January 28. The group, ‘Journalist Panel’ swept the National Press Club (NPC) elections held for the year 2022 by securing all 11 executive posts.

However, opponent panels boycotted the vote count, alleging massive vote fraud, and asked for conducting a vote count under police supervision.

The election results turned into a violent situation at Islamabad Press Club. The winning journalist panel got into a fight with all other groups.


All other groups argued that the election was rigged and rigging was the reason the journalists’ panel won.

In the video, the journalist can be seen creating a ruckus and having a physical fight.


As per reports, the video of the alleged rigging has come to the surface. It was for the first time that the votes casted were counted in the presence of police in the Islamabad Press Club.

Apart from a large number of independent contenders, there were four panels in the contest, but the competition was between the Journalist panel and the alliance of three PFUJs and three former Presidents of the Azad Journalist Panel.

In December 2019, a violent protest by lawyers at Lahore’s Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) occurred, during which three patients lost their lives.