If you’ve been following Ahsan Khan’s Ramzan transmission on Pakistan Television (PTV), you may have seen the actor don a variety of cool outfits and may also have wondered where he got them from. Turns out the actor decided to wear only his own brand – Ahsan Khan Marca – this season and soft launch it through the Ramzan transmission.

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Khan, who has helmed a variety of ventures besides acting including an interior designing company with wife Fatima Ahsan, decided to venture into the clothing business after years of receiving queries from fans about his outfits and looks.


“A lot of my fans and followers are always asking me and sending me messages about my clothes and outfits,” said Khan, while talking to The Current.

“Messages like ‘Can you tell me where did you get that from?’ or ‘Yeh walay kapray please humain bhej dein‘ have been a regular in my inbox,” said Khan. “That’s where I got the idea that why shouldn’t start my own brand? Why don’t I introduce the kind of clothes I wear in the market? Ones which have my kind of style.”

“A few friends and I got together, discussed this idea and decided to work on it,” shared Ahsan further, adding that he is not personally designing the clothes, but is overlooking the process so that the clothes emulate his style.

The actor further said that he was looking to set up another business to create livelihood.

“I also wanted to set up another business, another venture which would create jobs,” Ahsan told The Current. “There are a lot of people involved in the project including my friends. We have a very talented designer on board and most of our production is being done in Faisalabad.”

When asked who his target market is, Khan said: “I am catering to my awaam. I don’t want to cater to anyone else except the people of Pakistan. My people. Casual normal people who want to wear good clothes so they can feel comfortable and good about themselves comfortable.”

The actor added that his aim to make affordable clothes so that he can cater to the masses.

Ahsan Khan

Meanwhile, Ahsan also explained what Marca means.

“Marca means ‘brand’ in Italian. So Ahsan Khan Marca means Ahsan Khan Brand,” said Ahsan, adding: “Many people have also understood it as the Urdu marka, which means achievement. So you can take it as that also.”

While the actor was initially planning to launch the brand properly with a store and exhibitions, COVID-19 dampened his plans so he launched the brand online and hopes that he will be able to do a proper launch once the situation becomes better.