Lollywood actress Sahiba, wife of actor Afzal Khan aka Jan Rambo, has offered advise to women who want to get married.

Sahiba and her husband were invited as guests on Ramiz Raja’s show where they talked about getting married young.
The host asked Sahiba, “How did you feel when Rambo proposed to you? Masha Allah, you are very beautiful, and I’m sure many others must have approached you too. Then you made a promise to yourself, like your mother, that you wouldn’t marry for 10 years after coming into the industry. But you made the decision to marry Rambo within six years. What made you decide to marry Rambo?”
Sahiba said, “A woman should marry when she finds a good partner.” Following her own advice, she tied the knot when she realised Afzal was the right choice.


She also remarked, “Many women wait for the perfect man, but he may never arrive.”