Geoffrey Hinton, known as “the Godfather of AI,” has spent most of his career promoting the benefits of artificial intelligence, but now he is concerned about its potential dangers. He recently spoke to the New York Times about his decision to leave Google, where he co-founded Google Brain, a research team developing AI systems, citing concerns about the difficulty of preventing bad actors from using the technology for malicious purposes. Hinton is not alone in his apprehension about AI’s future, as other AI pioneers have expressed similar concerns.

One of Hinton’s primary concerns is the spread of misinformation enabled by AI, such as deepfakes and AI-generated fake news, which can confuse people and blur the lines between reality and fiction. He worries that people will no longer be able to distinguish what is true from what is not.

Hinton is also concerned about the rapid pace of AI technology advancement, which has been fueled by competition among major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. He is worried that the technology will become more advanced than the human brain, something he once believed was decades away from happening.


Now 75, Hinton is dedicating the rest of his life to ensuring that the technology he helped create won’t lead to the destruction of civilization. He acknowledges the possibility that others would have developed AI had he not done so, but he still feels a sense of responsibility to help mitigate the potential negative consequences of its use.