The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has announced a countrywide strike on November 25 for selling petrol “on low-profit margins”, reports The News.

The association’s spokesperson said that all petrol pumps across the country, including Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, will remain closed on November 25 (Thursday).

He said the strike could extend to an “unspecified period” if the government continues to ignore the association’s demands.


According to him, “We have no other option but to go on strike as the government has failed to meet the November 17 deadline for the fulfilment of our demands.”

Previously, the association had made a similar announcement for November 5 but withdrew after a team from the government agreed to increase margins on the sale of petroleum products by six per cent.


However, there has been no progress ever since.

PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan said petroleum dealers have been in a difficult position due to the high cost of business and low margins. He said that the government guarantees a margin of only 2 per cent on sales of fuel oil in the face of rising electricity tariffs.

“We demand the government to cancel our petrol pumps licences. Nearly 50 per cent of the petrol pumps will close down permanently with licence cancellation as no one will reapply for acquisition”.

Earlier this month, the government had announced the rise of up to Rs 8.14 per litre of petroleum products.