A member of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee has leveled accusations against Chairman PCB Zaka Ashraf, including abuse of office and serious wrongdoing.

According to a report carried by well-known website ESPNcricinfo, PCB management committee member Zulfiqar Malik has written an email against Zaka Ashraf to the management committee, copies of which have been sent to PCB Patron-in-Chief, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Ministry of Inter-Provincial Co-operation.

Zulfiqar Malik’s email against Zaka Ashraf comes at a time when his four-month tenure as Acting Chairman of PCB is coming to an end a few days later, on November 4.


In the e-mail against the Chairman, it is said that:

  • Zaka Ashraf failed to meet his statutory requirements to run the day-to-day affairs of the Board.
  • Zaka Ashraf ignored the orders of the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Communication and did not conduct board elections under which the permanent chairman of the board was to be elected.
  • Zaka Ashraf also did not provide his certificates which are mandatory for Chairman PCB.
  • Zaka Ashraf allowed his son Chaudhry Muhammad Khan to interfere illegally in the affairs of the board.
  • Zaka Ashraf misused the office of PCB Election Commissions against his opponents and conducted bogus elections in regions.

Zulfiqar Malik wrote in his email “He noted some serious wrongdoings and illegalities in the recent tenure of Zaka Ashraf which I consider necessary to bring on record. I want to disassociate myself from illegal and wrong decisions without making them.”

A member of the management committee said that Zaka Ashraf took some long-term decisions which he had no control over, such as the appointment of the chief selector at Rs 25 lakh per month for 3 years, several directors, consultants, officials, etc. Appointment of committees, approval of multiple projects, massive expenditure, expensive appointment of legal counsel, and removal of several officials are clear violations of the mandate of the Management Committee.

Zaka Ashraf said that he took all the decisions according to the board’s constitution and the board also defends these decisions.