After becoming friends on Facebook four years ago, Zohaib Butt and Marjory have tied the knot and the Virginia citizen recently flew to Sialkot from the States to be with Butt.

According to the groom, the two started as friends two years ago and decided to get engaged when Marjory visited Pakistan. The American native came back recently and the two tied the knot. Zohaib further revealed that Marjory accepted Islam and changed her name to Fatima.

Meanwhile, in an interview, the bride said that she flew to Sialkot to marry the “love of her life,” adding that she loved the Pakistani culture as well.


“I have enjoyed traveling to Pakistan. I’ve been here before and was welcomed by his family. I have enjoyed learning about his traditions, culture, and religion.”

She continued, “Zohaib and I have talked for a long time over Facebook. This extended to his family where some of the children would take the phone from their parents and ask me for pictures of my dogs and children.”