The British University refused to host British Pakistani ex-boxer Amir Khan, who collected donations for Gaza, and to organize a welfare program in the university.

Amir shared the screenshots of the email on Instagram. The email shared in this post shows that the university has canceled the fundraising program for being anti-Semitic.

The e-mail said “Through the British newspaper Jewish Chronicle (JC), they came to know that an event of his is being held on December 16 at Queen Mary University of London on the subject of ‘An evening with Amir Khan’. We learned that you signed a statement just two days after the recent attack by Hamas on Israel, defending the right of Palestinians to carry out armed resistance against Israel and denied the actions of Hamas as terrorist acts”.


The statement that Amir signed ‘called for the release of Palestinian prisoners and described Israel as a colonial state that is committing genocide’.

It should be noted that next month, on December 16, a fundraising event at Queen Mary University of London was organized to which Aamir Khan was invited along with Red Bridge Islamic Center’s Imam Asim Khan who was nominated as the main speaker.

According to Amir Khan, all these tactics are being used to defame him. The former boxer has reiterated his commitment to continue supporting Palestine.