Oscar-winner filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy recently took to social media and criticised the Single National Curriculum (SNC). She shared pictures of English textbooks of grade one and five.

Sharmeen shared a picture of a grade five English textbook on her Instagram stories and wrote, “And this is the lesson we are teaching our children: What do you see?”

Sharing another picture of the English book of grade one, she wrote, “Grade 1 is a 4-5-year-old. What are we telling our girls? Cover up at that age? Those who designed these textbooks should be held responsible. #Ziapartdeux”


“And this is the physics being taught. Proponents of SNC, have you even read the books you are endorsing,” the Oscar winner wrote, posting an image of a page of a physics book.

Single National Curriculum is a ‘uniform’ system of education, which means the same curriculum for everyone. Single National Curriculum has been started to be implemented in madressahs and from grades one to five in both public and private schools in Punjab.