Former American kickboxer Andrew Tate has confirmed that he is Muslim after a video of him praying with a friend in a mosque in Dubai went viral.

Tate revealed his conversion to Islam last week after a video of him learning an Islamic prayer from Tam Khan went viral.

According to a tweet uploaded from his account on the social media platform Gettr, controversial social media star Andrew Tate, who has been blocked from the majority of social media platforms, has mentioned that he is now a Muslim.


After being questioned about his views on Islam earlier this year and calling it “the last authentic religion in the world,” Andrew made his announcement today.

A video of Andrew and Tam Khan in a UAE mosque was shared earlier this week by British Muslim and former MMA fighter Tam Khan.

Alhamdulillah, which means “praise be to God” in Arabic, was the description for the video, which showed Tam praying while Andrew imitated his actions.

On social media, the video elicited a variety of responses, and many users believed Andrew had embraced Islam.

Tam defended the controversial personality from the backlash and tweeted: “I personally know Andrew & mashAllah his love for Islam is genuine & it’s real. No PR stunts. He is one of us”.

American-British kickboxer Andrew was born in Luton but raised in Chicago. He is the son of chess player Emory Tate.

The 35-year-old has participated in the heavyweight and cruiserweight weight classes, according to his website. In 2016, he briefly appeared in the British television series Big Brother.

Due to his outspoken opinions, major streaming networks like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have banned Andrew’s profiles.