During an operation on Wednesday, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) was able to seize over 52.66 kg of drugs and detain three suspects.

An ANF headquarters spokesman said that during an operation near the Islamabad Motorway toll plaza, ANF recovered more than 52.60 kg of drugs, including 45.60 kg of charas, 4.10 kg of heroin, and 3.60 kg of opium that were hidden in two cars’ hidden compartments. The operation saw the arrest of three further suspects by ANF.

According to details, a case has been filed against the drug traffickers and the accused’s accomplices would also face prison time.


In a similar raid, ANF detained two individuals and seized more than a tonne of drugs at the start of this month.


After receiving a tip, the ANF conducted a raid in the Islamabad area, capturing nearly one tonne of drugs, including 28.8 kg of heroin, along with two members of an inter-provincial drug smuggling ring, according to a spokesman for the ANF headquarters.

The ANF has been active in carrying out raids in various cities, making it practically hard for traffickers and smugglers to move drugs within the country or across the border.