The Israeli forces bombed Jabalia, the largest refugee camp in Gaza which has left over 195 killed and 120 civilians missing, bringing the death toll closer to 9000.

Hollywood actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie shared a picture of the aftermath of Israel’s attack as well as a statement critcising Israel for attacking innocent civilians and children. Angelina urged for a ceasefire, pointing out that world leaders were complicit in these crimes by refusing to prevent these atrocities.

“This is the deliberate bombing of a trapped population who have nowhere to flee. Gaza has been an open-air prison for nearly two decades and is fast becoming a mass grave. 40% of those killed are innocent children. Whole families are being murdered. While the world watches and with the active support of many governments, millions of Palestinian civilians – children, women, families – are being collectively punished and dehumanized, all while being deprived food, medicine and humanitarian aid against international law. By refusing to demand a humanitarian ceasefire and blocking the UN Security Council from imposing one on both parties, world leaders are complicit in these crimes.”


In the second slide of her post, Angelina shared significant history behind Jabalia which holds one of Gaza’s largest refugee camps.

“Jabalia refugee camp is the largest of the Gaza Strip’s eight refugee camps. After the 1948 War, refugees settled in the camp, most having fled from villages in southern Palestine. The camp covers an area of only 1.4 square kilometers, 116,011 Palestine Refugees are registered with the UNRWA in Jabalia camp alone, 75 years since the Palestine conflict.”

Just a few days earlier, Angelina issued a statement urging her followers to help the people in Gaza who were being violently displaced by the ongoing attrocities and shared links to places that were taking donations to help the Palestinian civilians.