Data has revealed that 2,211 children were sexually abused in Pakistan in 2022 from January to June. This horrifying number comes to approximately 12 children who are abused each day, Sahil, an NGO that works against child sexual abuse has stated. Sahil monitors national, regional, and local newspapers at its Head Office and 4 Regional Offices to collect data on Child Sexual Abuse, Abduction, and early forced marriage cases. Cruel Numbers is published annually, comprising these statistics.

At least 1,207 girls and 1,004 boys were reported to be victims of sexual abuse.

The figures represent a dramatic contrast to the previous year’s Jan-June data, which showed 1,896 instances, indicating a 17 per cent increase.
According to the statistics, there are 1,050 incidents where the abusers are acquainted with the victims or the victim’s family, and 409 cases where strangers are involved in the abuse.


In addition, the data compiled by the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) and the Centre for Research, Development and Communication (CRDC) revealed that at least 133 women were kidnapped and as many as 85 were subjected to rape in Pakistan in the month of July alone.