Muhammad Ziauddin, Lahore’s master musical instrument manufacturer, has passed away. He was known for his skill in making instruments and for preserving culture. The news of his death was shared by famous musician Arieb Azhar on Facebook. Azhar praised Ziauddin’s special personality, wisdom, and his role in keeping Pakistan’s musical traditions alive.

Azhar wrote on Facebook, “I just found out that the great instrument maker from Lahore, Muhammad Ziauddin, passed away four days ago. He was a unique personality, full of wisdom and humor.”

Azhar continued to pay tribute, saying, “On many occasions, I spent hours at his shop listening to his stories and jokes, and learning from his deep knowledge about Pakistan’s musical traditions. He was a master at making Sitar, Sarod, Sarangi, and Surmandal, along with other stringed instruments. His family has been crafting instruments for 300 years.”

Many people, like Azhar, were lucky enough to spend hours at Ziauddin’s shop. There, they didn’t just admire his instruments but also enjoyed his stories, jokes, and wide knowledge of Pakistan’s music. Ziauddin put his all into his craft, showing his dedication by pouring his heart and soul into every instrument he made.


Azhar also said, “He was a key figure in our film ‘Indus Blues,’ which is about the endangered musical instruments of Pakistan. Despite receiving a Presidential award, he couldn’t even own the shop he worked in. These are the people our country should invest in and support to bring back a culture of decency and beauty in the world.”

In his tribute, Azhar expressed sadness over the lack of support for artisans like Ziauddin. He stressed the importance of the government investing in and supporting people like him to revive and keep Pakistan’s cultural heritage alive. Ziauddin’s death isn’t just a loss for his family and the music world, but also a reminder of how crucial it is to acknowledge and preserve the contributions of such individuals. Azhar said, “Our country has lost a precious person, and many don’t even realize it.” He ended by saying, “His son Kashan continues his father’s legacy. May Ziauddin Sahab’s journey be blessed forever!”