Actor Arslan Naseer took to his social media handles to express his disappointment over the Urdu lyrics used in the Bollywood film Pathaan‘s song Besharam Rang. genuinely upset when he heard the song Besharam Rang and pointed out that a word had been both misspelled and mispronounced. The Chupke Chupke actor tweeted against the Urdu language being wasted in Hindi songs.

Naseer also highlighted, with his usual rib-tickling humour, how Hindu extremists have been lambasting actress Deepika Padukone for her saffron dress in the song while nobody raised their voice for the Urdu language being ”murdered.”       

The famed YouTuber tweeted, “Heard some people were protesting against Deepika wearing orange bunyaan chaddi in that song but why isn’t anyone protesting against her calling ‘Sharaafat’ … Shareefi? Dear Indian filmmakers, please stop murdering the Urdu language.”



However, social media users gave a mixed reaction to Naseer’s ”genuine concern” suggesting that both nations speak more or less the same language with a bunch of words different and also claimed that every day spoke Hindi/Urdu contains words that are either spelled or pronounced incorrectly.

On the work front, Naseer was last seen in Hum TV’s Paristan.