It has been a year since India revoked the special status of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and imposed a curfew in the region. To highlight Indian atrocities in the region and share a glimpse of life in lockdown, filmmaker Ibrahim Baloch has released a short film on the issue titled Article 370.

The film tells the story of Gul-e-Rana (Mariyam Nafees), a pregnant girl living in IoK. She is awaiting the birth of her child when a complete lockdown is imposed in the region and her husband goes missing. The short 16-minute video touches a chord and your heart goes out to those living in the region.

Speaking about the film, Baloch told a local media outlet that he wanted to highlight the human side of the political move.


“I started following the situation in Kashmir after India announced its decision and realised that it was primarily debated from a political perspective,” he said. “I was more interested in the human side of the issue. So after doing some research, I came across stories of Kashmiri women in Srinagar who gave birth during the lockdown imposed by the Indian administration.”

Meanwhile, the film’s official synopsis states: “An untold tale of people who have made sacrifices the world is unaware of, while they lived their lives in hell. Gul-e-Rana didn’t know her fairytale would end so soon and her blessing would turn into a curse.”

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The film has been produced by Madiha Majeed under the banner of ‘See Prime’.

Watch the film below: