Italian artist Salvatore Garau recently auctioned an invisible sculpture for $18,300 (Rs 2,831,454).

 As per reports, Garau recently sold an invisible sculpture called “I Am”. There is a catch though. There is no sculpture.

The person who bought the “work” of art gets a stamped certificate as a receipt of payment.


Initially, the price was set between $7,312 to $10,968.

Garau said “I Am,” or in his native Italian, “Io Sono” may not exist physically but that does not mean that it’s nothing. He said the piece exists in the mind of its creator.

Garau also set rules on how the work is to be exhibited, including being in an area about 5 feet by 5 feet with no obstacles but lighting and climate control are optional.

This isn’t the only piece of invisible art by Garau. He has also created a “Buddha in contemplation” and another creation called “Aphrodite Piange,” or “Aphrodite cries.”

“Now it exists and will remain in this space forever,” says the video. “You do not see it but it exists. It is made of air and spirit.”