Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan appeared on the ‘Mirza and Malik Show’ where among many things, the singer opened up about how he will keep supporting his wife in pursuing her career.

During a round of questions where the couple revealed that it was Khan who used her phone more, Shabir said that he never had a problem with Sarah’s dedication to her career because he doesn’t want to waste her hard work and talent.

“When we were about to get married, this was her biggest fear that I would object to her working so much. I have gone through the struggle of not finding work, and luckily she has not. But I still want to ensure that someone who works so hard, and with the blessings of Allah, has so many fans who send her love, shouldn’t be told to sit at home. This is just like finding a doctor who has completed their practice, and you’re telling them to give up everything and sit at homeā€¦ So I assured her that i won’t stop her from succeeding in her career, you can do whatever you like. So I am never effected by her social media following or her work. I just know that if she is incredibly happy with her work, then so am I,” the supportive husband said.



Shabir went on to further emphasize that it’s not necessary that every woman wants to work, but husbands should respect the woman’s choice.

‘I think that every husband should be like this. Unless, there are also some women who prefer to become home makers rather than work outside. It is their choice and we should learn to respect that.”

Watch the full interview below