Audi Pakistan has announced a significant price increase for Audi e-tron variants rather than lowering car prices like Hyundai and KIA.

As per recent social media posts by Pakwheels, the price of the e-tron 50 has increased from Rs17,200,000 to Rs32,450,000. This indicates that the price of e-tron 50 has increased by Rs15,250,000.

The well-known e-tron 55 will now set you back which will now be sold for Rs38,000,000 rather than Rs21,000,000. Consequently, there has been an increase in pricing of Rs17,000,000.


e-tron SB now costs Rs36,150,000 instead of the previous Rs19,400,000 after a Rs16,750,000 price rise.

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Additionally, the e-tron GT’s new pricing is Rs48,325,000 as opposed to its previous price of Rs21,150,000. This implies a Rs27,175,000 price increase for the vehicle.

Last but not least, the company has disclosed a significant increase in the RS e-tron GT’s pricing of Rs38,405,000. As opposed to the previous price of Rs29,595,000, the car would now cost Rs68,000,000.