Trigger warning: Murder/Abuse

An Australian woman has allegedly been killed by her father-in-law in Sargodha. Sajida Tasneem was allegedly killed in front of her father at a home she shared with her in-laws on June 11.

Sher Muhammad Khan, Tasneem’s father, claimed that his son-in-law Ayub Ahmed had coerced his daughter into leaving their Perth, Western Australia home and travelling to Pakistan with her three children, reports The Guardian.



Mukhtar Ahmad, Tasneem’s father-in-law, is accused of taking Tasneem’s passport.

The girl’s father reported to the police that on June 11, he allegedly saw Mukhtar abusing his daughter. He discovered them in a restroom at around 1:45 pm. After entering the restroom, Sher Muhammad Khan found Tasneem’s mouth was allegedly filled with a piece of cloth by Ahmad.

The man then allegedly used an axe to strike Tasneem in the head. Mukthar Ahmad has been booked under murder charges.

Police are still investigating the case.