From glorifying abusers and then giving them awards, the Lux Style Awards (LSAs) became a sorry affair this year. The coveted LSAs rolled out nominations for its 21st edition. As soon as the names were dropped, viewers condemned what they felt was an injustice to other artists and women.

Actor Feroze Khan, who recently came under fire for alleged abuse against his ex-wife Aliza Sultan, had been nominated in the Best TV Actor – Viewers’ Choice category for his drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat. Aliza had shared proof of domestic violence in court and on social media. Actor Feroze Khan released a statement denying all abuse allegations levied against him a day after fellow celebrities and social media rallied behind his ex-wife. Many are saying the case is still in court, and the court has not given a final verdict on Khan but the court will not be deciding whether Khan abused his wife or not. They are deciding a case of child custody. The proof that his wife submitted, which later went viral on social media, is enough to believe Aliza.

So here are a few questions LSA should answer: Why was a man accused of domestic abuse, one of the nominees? How can a brand that capitalises on selling soap to women, become so insensitive towards their target market? LSA should have set the bar by upholding ethics. It takes courage to stand with victims and survivors of violence and abuse. In a country, where we are still dealing with the horror of the murder of Noor Mukadam, we haven’t yet healed as a nation. Having witnessing the bone-chilling gruesome murder of Sara Shah Nawaz at the hands of a man who was raised as a result of patriarchal norms, here the LSA decides to nominate Khan, further legitimising that men can get away with anything.



We at The Current, on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, decided to delete all videos and coverage of the LSA. As a platform that supports women’s rights and the rights of all marginalised communities, we strongly believe change starts from within. We hope all award ceremonies in the future, keep in mind that when women come forward with their stories of horror, we, as a community and society, need to support the women, not nominate the men for stardom and applause.