Recently, a video of Peshawar Zalmi captain Babar Azam surfaced on social media site X, which has become a subject of controversy.

In the video, it can be seen that during the match, Babar is sitting in the stadium with members of his squad, while the crowd chants ‘Zimbabar Zimbabar’.

Babar looks back in anger and then motions for the shouting audience to come to him. When the shouting does not stop, Babar gestures as if he will throw the water bottle he is holding.


What is the reality of viral video?

According to Geo News sources, the voice has been edited, which was confirmed by journalist Arfa Firoz Zaki on X (formerly Twitter).

He wrote in his tweet “The voice in the video is fake.” In another tweet, he explained, “Babar Azam is a very cold-tempered person, Babar was sitting in the dugout of Peshawar Zalmi when a person in the enclosure continuously used foul language. Babar ignored at first but suddenly got angry when the man started using bad language for his family.”