Pakistan cricket team wicket-keeper Muhammad Rizwan has revealed that Babar Azam is getting married soon.

That sound you hear? Hearts breaking across the country.

In a special conversation with Geo News, Rizwan said, “I asked Shaheen Afridi and Shadab Khan to get married too and Babar Azam is also going to get married soon.”


Video credit: Arfa Feroz Zake

Rizwan then went on to say, “I want the attributes of Islam to be fulfilled soon. Marriage is the command of Allah, the relationship between husband and wife has been made very sacred by Allah. I am friendly with Babar Azam, she stays in the room till late at night. Babar and I consult each other on various aspects of life.”

Well, there you go. One of the last eligible bachelors in the team is about to get married. We are happy for Babar but sad for all the fans who have a crush on him.