Cricket commentators and fans agree that Pakistan skipper Babar Azam’s cover drives are poetry in motion. Often termed as treat for sore eyes, the graceful shot has thrilled cricket aficionados since Azam made his debut. Now, his absolute best shot have got more recognition and are taught to students in Physics book.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, “cover drive in cricket is the act of stroking the ball through the covers with well-timed wristwork and conventional movement of the front foot toward the pitch of a delivery aimed at or outside the off stump.”

A tweet by Shiraz Hassan has been circulating on the internet. It points out that Federal Board has added a question regarding captain’s shot in a Physics book.



Shiraz wrote, “Babar Azam’s cover drive related question in 9th grade physics syllabus (federal board) (via Reddit).”

The question says:

Babar Azam has hit a cover drive by given kinetic energy of 150 J to the ball by his bat. 

a) At what speed will the ball go the boundary if the mass of the ball is 120g? 

b) How much kinetic energy footballer must impart to a football of mass 450g to make it move at this speed?

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