During Tuesday’s ICC ODI World Cup match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, Shaheen sent the ball to Taskin Ahmed, who was caught behind by wicketkeeper Muhammad Rizwan.

Shaheen Afridi thought that the ball was ‘caught behind’, meaning Rizwan caught the ball after it hit the bat and the batsman was out.

He appealed for an out verdict from the umpire but did not get it. Shaheen, along with captain Babar Azam, asked Rizwan whether a review should be taken or not.


Rizwan then turned and asked batsman Taskin Ahmad, “Is the ball on the pad or on the bat,” in response to which the Bangladeshi batsman replied, “On the pad.”

Rizwan turned to Babar and Shaheen and said “He is saying that the ball is on the pad.”

Commentators were forced to laugh Rizwan’s question.

The video of the hilarious interaction is going viral on social media.