A beggar from Madhya Pradesh begged for four years and purchased a motorcycle worth Rs234,000 (INR90,000) for his wife.

He spent all of his savings on the bike as his wife complained about a backache from sitting on the tricycle he owned earlier. This story is from Amarwara village, where the beggar, Santosh Sahu, expressed his love for his wife by purchasing a small motorcycle.

Sahu is a disabled man who rides a tricycle and begs for money with his wife, Munni Sahu. Munni drags Sahu’s tricycle forward while the two beg.



Munni would occasionally fall while attempting to push the tricycle due to the poor road conditions. As a result, Santosh decided to purchase her a moped.

The pair begs for money at different spots from bus stops to mosques and temples, earning up to Rs1,000 (400 INR) per day. Santosh began saving money every day in order to purchase his wife’s dream bike. The couple is now back to their regular practise of begging in their freshly purchased motorcycle.