A billboard installed in Gujranwala wishing Korean band BTS’ youngest member JungKook happy birthday was taken down the same day it was put up.

The advertiser who owns the billboard, Younus Mughal, told Images that the ad was scheduled to be up for two days.

“The business centre of the chamber of commerce had asked us to put the billboard ad up for two days. They had the ad put up before we could do so ourselves.”


But the ad was removed from the billboard in a few hours, leaving many fans confused why the ad disappeared.

“We took it off later that same day in the evening. When we saw the ad while removing it, we didn’t really get what it was about, just that it showed someone’s face. Furqan Aziz Butt from the Jamaat-e-Islami had told us to take the ad off immediately,” Mughal explained.

“The advertisement was put up by a person from Lahore. They paid Rs100,000 to have it put up for this person’s [Jungkook’s] birthday.” But a member of the Jamaat-e-Islami who is contesting the PP-57 Gujranwala seat in the Punjab Assembly was behind the billboard being removed and also shared it on Facebook.

He claimed the singer in the poster supports homosexuality and hence he believed that the poster should be removed.

“It was a public complaint. We saw it posted on the Amazing Gujranwala [Facebook] group and went there immediately and had it taken down,” he said, saying that it was a 15-by-20-foot vertical board.