We’ve all visited Bombay Chowpatty in Lahore several times but we recently got a chance to visit Bombay Chowpatty in Faisalabad and it made us very happy.

Faisalabad’s Bombay Chowpatty is not a fast-food joint but is a proper restaurant offering a wide variety of cuisines. From Continental to Pakistani, from South Indian dishes to thaals (combos) of all sorts, the food there is quite diverse along with being delicious. Located at Kohinoor City in Faisalabad, it is also centrally located. The ambiance is also very nice and service on the dot.

Being a chaat lover, I first ordered a Raj Kachori and a chaat platter. We were not disappointed. Everything was fresh and crispy with just the right amount of spices and sweet tangy flavour. The serving sizes were also quite big.


Bombay Chowpatty is famous for its dosas, which is a desi version of a crepe. Making dosas is an art and if you have had dosas at a proper South Indian place, you usually don’t find dosas elsewhere authentic. But the dosas at Bombay Chowpatty were crisp and well-made. The good thing about this branch is that they customise the dosas. We had children with us who wanted cheese dosas and that’s what they got even though cheese dosa isn’t on the menu. We, on the other hand, ordered masala dosas and they were finger-licking good!

If you’re a tea lover, you would enjoy their refreshing Karrak Chai and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed with their desi desserts. We didn’t try out their western desserts – cakes and ice-cream – as we had had too much of desi meetha.

If you’re in Faisalabad, we highly recommend Bombay Chowpatty. Despite visiting the place after a shaadi and eaten already, we couldn’t resist their delicious dishes and stuffed ourselves till we literally couldn’t breathe. You won’t regret it.