Owning a Bugatti supercar is unquestionably one of the most expensive pleasures a person can enjoy. An oil change, for example, costs more than Rs5.09 million ($25,000). To look at it another way, just the oil change is more expensive than a new Toyota Corolla Altis Grande in Pakistan.

An oil change is a ‘small’ fraction of the money you have to spend every 12 months to keep the French beauty in great shape. If you break the exterior, things get even worse.

We’re well aware of the exorbitant price of maintaining a Bugatti, yet the internet continues to surprise us with independent postings of OEM Chiron parts.



The most outrageous example seen so far is the front-end component from a Chiron Super Sport 300+ shared by CarScoops, which is priced at Rs81.5 million ($399,999). In Pakistan, you can buy a nice house in Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, and even save some money with this sum.

It’s important to note that we’re still discussing an OEM part component here.

Consider the following scenario: you’ve scraped the roof of your gleaming Bugatti Chiron, but you don’t want to go to the brand’s official shop to save some money. Repainting the panel is one option, but if the damage is too extensive, it must be replaced. Finally, if you opt to handle the repair yourself, there are roof components available on the internet to ‘assist’ you.

SGR Automotive recently posted an ad on Instagram for a Bugatti Chiron roof assembly. It is still unclear where this component originates from, but the seller claims it’s an OEM part in excellent shape. The available photographs show a spotless blue roof assembly with no blemishes on the paint or carbon fiber structure.

It’s worth noting that the roof component of the Chiron is considerably more than a mere panel covering the passenger compartment. It is a structural element of the Chiron’s chassis and plays an important function in the supercar’s monocoque. Needless to say, even minor flaws in the Chiron’s carbon-fiber structure might significantly impact its cornering performance.

A roof assembly is priced at Rs11.20 million ($55,000) by SGR Automotive. Well, that’s enough to get you a nice new Toyota Fortuner 2022 in Pakistan, but in the Bugatti world, 55 grand is practically nothing. If this roof piece is an OEM part, it’s definitely well worth the money, since a new fuel tank costs Rs8.96 million ($44,000)  to replace.