Bushra Ansari has lashed out at a fan who criticised her ongoing drama Zebaish and wished death upon them.

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Lubna Faryad, who has gained acclaim as the Amma who reviews dramas on the digital media platform Galaxy Lollywood, in her recent review criticised Ansari’s ongoing drama Zebaish. In response to her criticism, Bushra lashed out at Amma, referring to her as “cheap low-class person”.


Bushra used very harsh words against Amma, remarking “They are the coronas in our lives. Allah will finish them InshaAllah.”

While Bushra did not further comment on the matter and later deleted her original comment, the team of Galaxy Lollywood expressed their disappointment and said that Amma is a simple house-wife, who enjoys watching dramas and shares her thoughts on them in her videos.

Amma has not and has never claimed to be a critic,” said the digital media platform in a post.

Meanwhile, audiences also expressed their disappointment over Bushra’s comments.

Later, the digital media platform also shared a short clip in which Amma is praising Bushra Jee and expressing her appreciation for her.

Zebaish, which airs on Hum TV, has been written by Bushra, who also the leading lady of the drama. The drama also stars her sister Asma Abbas, niece Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Babar Ali, Zoya Nasir and Shabbir Jan.