Renowned actor Bushra Ansari has opened up about her divorce for the first time; that she got divorced five years ago and never shared it with her fans.

In a recent interview with Ahsan Khan, Ansari shared that her personal life may disturb the fans who have in their minds an image of a happy marriage and family.

When Khan asked her about why she had never talked about her divorce publicly, Bushra said that many people looked up to her, and the lives of senior actors of her time, such as Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmad, Saba Hameed, Badar Khalil and Uzma Gillan, were an inspiration.


“Their lifestyle was the kind we idealised for our families. Likewise, our family lives have always been idealised so whenever there is a disturbance in that idea, people get disturbed.”

Bushra added that problems come in the lives of bankers and doctors as well, however, she did not want to reveal hers because her fans might be disheartened.

“Because of these reasons, I never thought that it is important to share the reasons behind my divorce with the public.”