YouTubers Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy took to social media to call out Canadian cafe chain Demetres for not serving them because of their faith and promoting Islamophobic behaviour. The cafe has denied the allegations, claiming that the argument was over seating restrictions.

Idrees shared a video detailing the incident and wrote in the video: “We just had the worst experience of our lives. The racist servers told us they will not serve ‘people of your kind’. My wife and family members included hijabis.”

“I am so heartbroken,” Queen Froggy shared a video with the caption, “Demetres Oakville didn’t take our order and told us to leave because we are Muslim and wear hijab.”


“I am so disgusted. Go to Google Maps, click review and give 1 star [to Demetres] and write #Banislamophobia. Let’s make sure it never happens to anyone again!” she added.

Demetres denied the accusations and released a statement. “We believe there was a misunderstanding between employees and our guests regarding seating arrangements due to Covid-19 restrictions,” they wrote. “The situation became escalated, and the guests were asked to leave.”

Kanwal Ahmed, founder of the well-known Facebook group Soul Sisters Pakistan, shared a few posts including the posts from the customers who were present when the incident happened.

A few posts stated that the YouTubers came with 22 people and wanted to combine the tables, which were against Covid-19 guidelines.

Idrees responded to the criticism and shared another video about the incident “with proof”.