Yasir Hussain’s criticism of QMobile appointing Esra Bilgiç as their brand ambassador has left the entertainment industry divided once again. While some actors have seconded Yasir’s opinion, others have said that it’s not a big deal and international artists should be welcome in Pakistan.

Yasir’s comments were met with a barrage of hate and threats from Diriliş: Ertuğrul fans, some of which went out of control. Following the hate and online bullying, several of Yasir’s colleagues including Ayesha Omar, Wajahat Rauf, Armeena Khan and Yashma Gill stepped in to defend the actor and urged people to respect each other’s opinions.

While Ayesha was of the opinion that we should welcome foreign stars into the country, she said that she did not understand why actors have to be bullied for their opinions.


“One can disagree respectfully and have healthy debates and discussions,” said Ayesha.

Armeena expressed her disappointment at the vile comments coming Yasir’s ways.

Yashma penned a detail note on her thoughts and said that she never found Yasir’s posts to be offensive.

“It‘s completely okay for people to have different opinions,” said Yashma. “I don’t think any actor/influencer tries to impose their opinion on anyone. In fact, what they try to achieve is some logical brainstorming. And try to help the society by challenging some biases, stereotypes and taboos because they truly want to use their platforms for the best reasons possible.”

Director Wajahat Rauf shared similar sentiments and said that it is unfortunate that a person is not allowed to voice his or her opinion.

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Nadia Hussain said that no one has the right to disrespect anyone and that we’ve stopped making stars.