Pakistani weightlifter and Olympian, Talha Talib, was conned by a fraudster who posed as a personal assistant to a federal minister and said that the minister wants to gift him a car after his success at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The conman asked him to receive the vehicle after submitting registration and freight charges in a particular bank account.

As per reports, Talha Talib was asked to pay Rs323,000. After the sportsman’s father came to know about the fraud, he reported the crime at the Citizen’s Portal.


Celebrities including Aijaz Aslam, Xarnish Khan and Mathira expressed their anger at how people took advantage of an already struggling sportsman.

Photo via Diva Magazine

Mathira commented under a social media post, “This is sad.”

Photo via Diva Magazine

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It was not just Talha who was conned but mountaineer Shehroze Kashif was also reportedly looted by a conman.

Shehroze Kashif’s father says the conman asked them to make a payment of Rs285,000. Kashif’s father lodged a complaint with the FIA.