Pakistani mountain cyclist Samar Khan has lashed out at people who have a problem with her.

Taking to Twitter, she said: “A little sports lesson for much unaware minister @RNAKOfficial & a typical wannabe @_Mansoor_Ali who like to seek attention by leeching on other’s success & giving faulty statements about adventure sports, that too with ZERO sports experience! Better stick to your filthy politics!”

Earlier, the Minister for Tourism, Sports, Culture & Archeology, and Youth Affairs Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Nasir Ali Khan had accused the cyclist of faking cycling to K2 base camp.


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Taking to Instagram stories, she wrote: “To the much unaware minister Raja Nasir and a typical wannabe Mansor Ali Khan.”

While informing her followers, she shared a picture of her tattoo, saying: “For all those who ask about my tattoo. Yeah its permanent, got it from Russia.”

“Its a war helmet and arrows,” she shared.

She also shared messages of a netizen who was trolling her for having a tattoo.

Cycle chalaau to masla! Tattoo banwaau to masla! Sports attire pehnu to masla! Chahiye kya Pakistanio? If I ride a cycle, its a problem. If I get a tattoo, then its a problem. If I wear sports attire, then its a problem. What do you want Pakistanis?” she questioned.

Khan is the only female cyclist to reach the base camp of the world’s second tallest peak K2. In her journey, Khan cycled from Askole, a small town located in Shigar Valley, to K2 base camp.