Mountain biker and adventure athlete, Samar Khan, has become the only female cyclist to reach the base camp of the world’s second tallest peak.

Khan, who holds the title of the first Pakistani to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and the Biafo Glaciers in the Karakoram Range on a bike, has set a unique record by reaching the base camp of the savage mountain via cycle.

As per reports, in her journey, Khan cycled from Askole, a small town located in Shigar Valley, to K2 base camp.


She posted the landmark achievement on Instagram. “Doorway to Choghori (K2). The stage where prayers are answered or sometimes delayed, where I got to see the clear face of majestic Choghori, standing with grace,” she captioned the post.

Khan, while narrating her story, mentioned that she has reached her goal by facing harsh climate as she had to encounter long nights of “chasing oxygen” and prayers. “There were many injuries and I was shivering with cold on the way but finally accomplished,” she mentioned in a series of posts.

Earlier, the award-winning biker girl became the first woman to ride her cycle on the Biafo Glacier, which is located in the Karakoram region at an elevated height of 4,500 meters.

Khan has participated in a number of races and has also been spreading awareness about extreme sports in Pakistan. The young biker has been vocal about the need to support and promote less popular sports.