American singer Cher, who has long campaigned for Kaavan’s freedom has said she cannot wait to sing for Islamabad Zoo’s lone elephant, who caught international attention in recent years for his mistreatment. Kaavan is all set to leave for a wildlife reserve in Cambodia, where he will spend the rest of his life.

Sharing pictures of Kaavan’s travel crate on Twitter, Cher said: “Can’t wait to sing to him on way to Cambodia. I have two songs.”

Kaavan is reportedly very fond of music and his vet Amir Khalil has revealed that the elephant is a Frank Sinatra fan and that the singer’s music calms him down. Khalil, who was tasked with assessing whether Kaavan can be moved from Islamabad Zoo to a sanctuary in Cambodia, shared that when he arrived in Pakistan, he started to train the elephant by singing to him.



In a separate tweet replying to a fan, she said “I’ll be there,” hinting that she would be in Cambodia when Kaavan arrived there.

36-year-old Kaavan is being relocated to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia for retirement after the Islamabad High Court in May this year ruled that the Margazhar Zoo is not fit for the animals. Kaavan has spent most of his life in a small enclosure with meager shelter, and the last eight years alone after his companion elephant died. The court’s decision came after a four-year global campaign, backed by Cher.

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Earlier, Adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam had said authorities would “ensure that he lives a happy life”.

“We are bidding Kaavan farewell with a heavy heart. It is a sad decision,” he had said, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan was also concerned about Kaavan’s well-being.