Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, has ordered that two luxury vehicles, allocated for his use by both the federal and Punjab governments, should be auctioned, as per Geo News.

The decision comes as Chief Justice Isa deems the allocation an “inappropriate splurge of scarce public resources.”

The Supreme Court registrar communicated the Chief Justice’s decision through a letter addressed to the federal government, cabinet secretary and Punjab chief secretary.


The letter revealed that in September 2020, the apex court purchased a new Mercedes Benz, 2996 CC sedan for the Chief Justice at the cost of Rs61 million.

Furthermore, the Government of Punjab provided a brand new bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number LEG-S00 for the use of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The vehicle is currently stationed at the Supreme Court Rest House in the Government Officers Residence (GOR), Lahore.

The communication emphasized that, by established rules, every judge of the apex court is entitled to two vehicles.

“Justice Isa has not used the said Mercedes sedan nor the Toyota Land Cruiser,” said the letter. It further stated that it is an “inappropriate splurge of scarce public resources to buy imported luxury vehicles for the use of constitutional and public office holders”.

“Therefore, these vehicles may be collected and auctioned and the money realised from the sale be spent on much needed public transport,” said the letter.

Justice Isa took oath as the 29th CJP in September of this year after his predecessor Umar Ata Bandial hung up his robes.

Justice Isa’s tenure as the country’s chief justice, however, will be quite brief, as he is set to retire from the position on October 25, 2024.

He took oath as the apex court’s judge on September 5, 2014.