In a exhilarating match on Thursday, the Pakistani cricket team were officially out of Asia Cup 2023 after losing to Sri Lanka by two wickets, paving the way for the island nation to face off against India in Colombo. Although many expressed their disappointment at the lack of performance, including former captain Shahid Afridi, many were still proud of the effort the boys in green displayed. Since yesterday, prominent celebrities like Shahista Lodhi and Mawra Hocane sent uplifting messages to the cricket team, especially to captain Babar Azam for his efforts to make it this far.

The aesthetic surgeon and actress took to Instagram to express her pride at the way Babar Azam kept fighting till the end.

“Dear skipper Babar Azam, proud of the way you fought. I will never stop supporting you no matter what. Chin up King don’t let your crown fall.”


Hocane sisters Mawra and Urwa rallied behind the boys in green, commending them for their hard work and prayed that more achievements will arrive soon.

Singer Falak Shabir shared a screenshot of Zaman Khan and wrote:

“Headsup Zaman Khan you tried his best, we are proud of you. Sri Lanka well played. Pakistan hum tumharay saath hain next time In Sha Allah.”