German travel vlogger Christian Betzmann is at the receiving end of flak for his insensitive take on the Palestine issue and criticism on Pakistan.

The Israeli armed oppression against the defenseless Palestinians has been making headlines all over the world. The catastrophic bombing in Gaza is being fearlessly conducted by the Israeli forces while the poor Palestinians continue to suffer from the worst humanitarian crisis. Amidst the ongoing violence in the Palestinian region, many common people, celebrities and social media influencers all across the world have shown support for the Palestinians.

Christian shared his views on his Instagram stories and people were not happy with his take on it. One of the netizens used foul language with the YouTuber and Christian, instead of ignoring him, insulted Pakistani people and the country as a whole.


Meanwhile, in a conversation with an influencer Muznah, the Vlogger shared his opinion regarding the Palestine issue, saying he believes that social media has never helped in any political event.

He further added the strikes of third world countries are useless and waste of time , while also commenting that this thought is “naïve.”

The German Vlogger even openly wrote that you have no power and concluded his statement, saying: “It’s better to go pray as praying is the only thing third world countries can do.”

Whereas, “first world countries are based on doers,” he declared. 

Christian who recently embraced Islam said: “Prayers do nothing” and “you can’t do anything.”

The Vlogger also said that the people of Pakistan must enjoy as long they can because “you never know your country might be next.”

Here is the conversation of the two:

Tiktoker Romaisa Khan also confronted Betzmann regarding his statement

Romaisa explained that Pakistan has its own sets of problems but they can’t be wrongfully compared to what the Palestinians are going through, as Christian had. She even called Christian a selfish man who now is talking trash about the country which warmly welcomed him with love.

The Tiktok star also shared how she was unfollowed by Christian even though he was the one who had initially followed her on Instagram.

Instagram influencer Khaqan Shahnawaz, who is soon to be seen in Mahira Khan’s Baarwan Khiladi also bashed the Vlogger and asked him to go back to his country if he hates this “Third World Country” so much.

“If you don’t want to protest, then don’t. But don’t you dare say anything about my country, otherwise I will eat you alive,” said Khaqan jokingly.

Christian responded to the backlash by saying that he condemns whatever is happening in Palestine but choosing to not speak about an issue should not be treated as an opportunity to insult him.

He continued to press upon his own point of view and said in his own words, ”calling people bad words just because they don’t want to share their opinion is stupid.” He further said that if social media was as powerful as people were saying it was then it would have helped Pakistanis to fix their issues too.

Later, Betzmann said that he stands with the people of Palestine.

Meanwhile, Christian’s fiancée and Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir has not yet commented on the matter. However, she lauded Bella Hadid for her bravery and refusing to “bow down and stand for what is right.”

Despite a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which was announced early Friday morning, Israel ruthlessly attacked worshippers at Al-Aqsa during Friday prayers.