Climate activist Greta Thunberg has expressed solidarity with Baloch Protestors who had to face police brutality on Wednesday night after marching to Islamabad.

Taking to X, Thunberg tagged the female leader of the march Mehrang Baloch, and condemned Islamabad Police for detaining, torturing, and disrupting peaceful protestors. “Climate justice activists all over the world stand in solidarity with Mehrang Baloch and other peaceful protesters who have been detained, tortured and disrupted by Islamabad police for protesting against human rights abuses in Balochistan.”

Islamabad Police is being slammed for using baton charges, water cannons, and arrests to deter the protestors. However, the response by the police under Greta’s post enraged many.


The official handle of the police stated, “There is no evidence of any injured persons at all.”

To this people started sharing the pictures and videos of police assaulting the protestors as proof.

A user responded sarcastically, “Dear Islamabad Police, Greta doesn’t watch Pakistani TV channels.”

Baloch protesters are on roads demanding the release of all “missing persons” and an end to “extrajudicial killings” in Balochistan under the leadership of activist Dr Mahrang Baloch and Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC).