An ethnic Baloch activist leader said on Thursday that Islamabad police detained and assaulted several peaceful protesters, demanding the release of all “missing persons” and an end to “extrajudicial killing” in Balochistan under the leadership of activist Dr Mahrang Baloch and Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC).

The march started in Turbat, Balochistan, on December 6 after the alleged extrajudicial killing of 24-year-old Balach Baloch.

According to BYC, when the march reached the capital, the city administration didn’t allow them to protest in front of the press club. Maharng Baloch said in her live video from the Facebook page of BYC that Islamabad police arrested 300 male protesters, eight women, and 10 children.


Dr Baloch also wrote on X (previously Twitter) on Thursday morning that police transferred the arrested protesters to various police stations in the city.

“At this time they are taking women and children to another station. We are unable to connect to our male fellows, we fear that the state will abduct them.”

Islamabad police also said in a statement that “Legal action will be taken against those blocking the road.”

In a voice message sent to Arab News, Mahrang Baloch said that dozens of young Baloch men had been forcefully disappeared, and now a new wave of “extrajudicial” killing has started.