A Lithuanian photographer took home a prize in a Nikon photography competition for his remarkable shot of an ant’s face. Wildlife photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas presented his highly magnified ant photo at the 2022 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

His submission was one of the 57 selected “Images of Distinction”. The picture of the ant’s face, magnified five times under a microscope, won one Nikon item valued at $35.
The goal of the competition is to showcase the craft of microscopic photography while encouraging participants to record minute details that the human eye cannot notice.
The picture of the ant has gone viral on social media, with many terming the ant’s face “demonic” and something straight out of a horror movie.

The ant in the close up had red eyes and what appeared to be golden fangs .The photographer said that there are no horrors in nature.


Meanwhile, the top place for this year’s photography competition went to an image of the embryonic hand of a Madagascar gecko, taken by Grigorii Timing of the University of Geneva.