Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Hamza Shehbaz announced on Monday the provincial government would bear the power cost of households consuming up to 100 units of electricity in a month.

“I was told not to take big decisions without the cabinet’s consent to steer the backward class out of difficult economic conditions. I was told that it could become a NAB case, but I said that I am ready to face any difficulty to give relief to people,” said Hamza Shehbaz.

The CM conveyed that the provincial government would pay the full bill of consumers using up to 100 units of electricity per month under the Punjab Chief Minister’s Roshan Gharana Programme. The consumers using up to 100 units of electricity in each of the past six months will be able to avail the facility, the CM said and emphasised that the programme would benefit almost half of the population of the province.


“This will act as an incentive for those who use more than 100 units of electricity to save energy,” Hamza hoped.

Hamza said that there are 4.4 million families using 100 units in Punjab, i.e. 55 million people in the province use less than 100 units per month.

“The economic situation will be back on track,” he promised. He vowed that “the genie of inflation will be put back into the bottle and the dying economy will be revived with the grace of Allah Almighty and help of masses”.