Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaqat Ali Chattha has announced his resignation after claiming that the general elections 2024 were rigged in his division.

While holding a press conference at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Liaqat Ali Chattha said, “I did injustice in Rawalpindi Division during the elections. We changed the losing margins to 50 thousand leads, 13 MNAs of Rawalpindi Division were losing, they got 70 thousand leads and toyed with the country.”

Accepting responsibility of election rigging in Rawalpindi Division and handing himself over to the police, he announced resigning from my post. “I should be given the death penalty in Rawalpindi’s Kachehri Chowk,” he remarked.


He said that Election Commission of Pakistan, Chief Election Commissioner and Chief Justice of Pakistan are also involved in the rigging of the election. “These people should also resign from their positions.”

He said “I was under pressure from social media and overseas Pakistanis, I tried to commit suicide this morning after Fajr prayer, then I thought why not? Let me put all the things in front of the people, why should I die a forbidden death, I am going through grief and political people are going around to become ministers after wearing a sherwani, the stabbing in the back of the country does not let me sleep, I want to remove the burden of my grief. I want a peaceful death.”

However Caretaker Information Minister Punjab Aamir Mir vehemently denied the allegations of Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatta and called it a political stunt.

The Commissioner was due for retirement in just three weeks.