Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan had a Summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin in Moscow yesterday. The two leaders held wide-ranging consultations on bilateral relations as well as regional and international issues of mutual interest, stated the PM Office.

​”The Prime Minister regretted the latest situation between Russia and Ukraine and said that Pakistan had hoped diplomacy could avert a military conflict. The Prime Minister stressed that conflict was not in anyone’s interest and that the developing countries were always hit the hardest economically in case of conflict. He underlined Pakistan’s belief that disputes should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy,” read the statement.

“The Prime Minister reaffirmed the importance of the Pakistan-Stream Gas Pipeline as a flagship economic project between Pakistan and Russia and also discussed cooperation on prospective energy-related projects. The Prime Minister underscored Pakistan’s commitment to forging a long-term, multidimensional relationship with Russia.”


“PM Khan underlined the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis and preventing potential economic meltdown in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister reiterated that Pakistan would continue to work with the international community for a stable, peaceful, and connected Afghanistan. In this regard, he underscored the ongoing cooperation and coordination between Pakistan and Russia at various international and regional fora, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),” said PMO.


​”On the situation in South Asia, the Prime Minister highlighted the serious human rights situation in IIOJK and underscored the imperative of peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. The Prime Minister also highlighted the developments detrimental to regional peace and stability and stressed the need for measures that would help keep the regional balance.”

“Expressing concerns on rising trends of extremism and Islamophobia in the world, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for interfaith harmony and coexistence. Appreciating President Putin’s understanding of the respect and sensitivities that the Muslims attach to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Prime Minister said that interfaith harmony and respect for all religions were imperative for peace and harmony within and among the societies.”

PM Khan, along with members of the cabinet and senior officials, was on a two-day visit to Russia.